DayTrip Mount Victory

Jun 29, 2018 by

The perfect weekend shopping daytrip to starts in Mount Victory…!

A daytrip starts with homecooking, then antiquing & craft shopping and the perfect sweet ending:
1st Stop: Lunch @ The Plaza Restaurant – 491 S. Main Street (southern edge of town)
2nd Stop: Vintage, Antique & Craft shops on Main & Taylor St. – Shop Directory »
3rd Stop: Finish with a sweet treat at the Belly Acre on S. Main St.

Mount Victory, Ohio – the friendly antique town – features over 10 unique antique & craft shops making it the perfect day trip. Shop the afternoon away at 10+ antique & craft shops all within easy walking distance of our Main & Taylor Street business block. You’ll find beautifully restored and repurposed antiques, art deco, shabby chic, mid century modern, 50s, 60s and 70s collectibles, chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobes, dinettes, glass, bottles, china, pottery, advertising, sports, auto, jewelry, folk art, toys and everything in between. You’ll also find shops that feature crafts and specialty items galore.

Antique Shop Directory



  1. Peter Jesionek

    Looking for more info about Dille family. My mother, Genevieve Dille Jesionek, remembers buying a book about the Mt. Victory Dilles. Wonder if you have a library containing one. She tells me about “Dille Days” that used to be held there. Looking for any info related to my Dille ancestors. Thank you.

    • Victory

      As you know, Mount Victory was founded by Ezra Dille so having a relative contact us is an honor! The book you may be referring to is the Mt. Victory Centennial or the Sesquisentennial books – both include info about the Dilles. However you can visit the History page w/in the website and much of the info from the Centennial & Sesqui can be found there: – to learn more Dille history related to MV, contact Peggy Harrison, – Good Luck!

  2. Sharon Stiles

    Will you be open tomorrow Sept 7