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masterplan[source Kenton Times, by Ty Thaxton]

The time invested trying to obtain a Community Development Block Grant by Mount Victory officials, council and community residents in the spring has paid off. While council did not have an official meeting Thursday night due to lack of members, those on hand heard good news from Mark Doll, director of Hardin County Regional Planning. He informed them that the village was one of 29 in the state to be awarded $300,000 for the CDBG grant.

Throughout the spring, public meetings were held regarding the grant in order to generate ideas and hear feedback from the community. The grant was applied for in June. Doll told council that he was notified verbally in August that the grant was funded and it became official last week when they received the grant agreements. “Those were signed and sent back in, so that means we actually have the grant awarded,” Doll said.

Now that it’s official the village has until Aug. 31, 2015 to get the work completed. Projects include signage improvements, storm sewer improvements throughout various locations, the repairing of sanitary sewer lines in the village, improvements to the community building and improvements to the village park. In the mean time, there is still preliminary work that needs to be done before any actual physical work can happen, according to Doll.

“We’ve got to procure for engineering services, and we’ve got to conduct some environmental reviews on all the projects. Really, nothing’s going to be done physically until sometime well into the spring of 2014. From then on, it will start progressing forward,” Doll said. “We’ll get some projects completed in 2014 and we’ll get some projects completed in 2015, we just have to prioritize what we’re going to do.” Mount Victory Mayor Laura Williams said the first project the village will look to get accomplished will be the new playground equipment at the park.

“We hope to get our new playground equipment in the spring so people can see some positive things happening in Mount Victory, and I’m so excited,” the mayor said. “We all did a lot of work,” Doll said. “All of those public meetings, the time that everyone put in on council, the mayor, Dan (Stuck, village administrator), that’s what it’s about to make this work. It’s not just one person, it took a group effort.”
But the good news from Doll didn’t stop at the CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Grant. Doll explained that in working with Robert Acosta of Ohio Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP), they were able to verbally secure another CDBG grant of $500,000 to be used on the water line distribution system and water tower project. According to Doll, grant agreements should be arriving soon.

Williams extended her thanks to Doll for all the work he’s done in helping to secure grant funds for the village. “This man, he is amazing. He is a miracle worker for our county and he worked very, very hard on this,” the mayor said. “This is $800,000 for our village. We have to be very grateful to him for what he’s done not only for the county, but for this village.” Williams also thanked Acosta, Whitaker Wright of Community Development Consultants of Ohio, and Andy Clarridge and Brian Macy of Page Engineering…

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