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Jul 9, 2017 by

Lots of activity in the village park this summer!  Thanks to all of the donors who gave cuts of perennials, the landscape mat, and volunteers who painted the posts where the birds love to roost. Hardin Co. Community Fdn. granted the money for the mulch in the play area and in the landscaping (240 bags) and around the entrance sign. Mt. Victory CIC wrote the grants and provided the manpower and the remaining expense for this beautification project. 

New landscaping for village park entrance sign

Soon to come is a cement slab (Hardin Co. Com. Fdn) and a play table to be placed near the Sandy Parthemore tree. Take a walk through this area to see names of the plants, enjoy the play table and preschool play area and experience the little path made from donated osage orange discs. (Note: There are two solar lights near the sign.) Later in the season, the preschool play area will be getting the addition of a big hill that will need the winter to settle. In the spring, the two slides that we have will be erected on each side of the hill and we will landscape with ornamental grasses. Of course, we would love to have some help on this big project. This will finish the PreSchool area and then we will move on to developing the new walking path. We hope to start Phase I of the walking path from the park entrance through the playground. It will be an infinity path as the beginning the rest of the area that will include the tennis court area.

Photo of Nathan Stacklin and Jim Harrison finishing up the landscaping at the entrance to Mt. Victory Village Park

Watch for the remodeling of the concession stand this month (July/Aug). CIC has contracted with a carpenter who will do the construction upgrades as planned. This work is funded by CIC through donations & fundraising. The baseball group, RYSSA, that keeps baseball games going in the park is in need of a small freezer and a counter top. If you would like to donate these items, they would be ecstatic (contact them on Facebook »). The concession stand will have new exterior finish, new service window, steel security doors with new locking systems and security cameras.

Future plans are to help with two new dugouts, replace the bench boards on both sides of the concession stand and complete the walking path. We are try hard to follow everything residents in the community put into the original master plan including a putting green! Slow but steady the park renovations are coming along thanks to grants and donations large and small from Mt. Victory residents and businesses who care and use the park!

This village park is a BIG project that your donations and purchase of memorial bricks has helped make possible. Here are ways YOU can continue to support the park improvement projects:
– Call 937-354-3334 to donate funds, flowers, plants, supplies and/or labor.
Donate any amount here » 
Buy your memorial brick »

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