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Nov 27, 2017 by

Seeking photo of east side of Main St. business block, late 1800s before fire!

main street_5

WEST side of Main St. business block c.1900

We are seeking an old photo of the EAST side of the Main Street business block BEFORE the big fire in the late 1800s was thought to have destroyed much of it. (bank, hardware, post office, antique shops are located today). The buildings prior to the fire were thought to have been wood framed, like the west side of the street was for much of the early 20th century (see photo). We’d love to have a photo of it from that time. Can you help?

We’d are seeking any old photos of MV. We would love to add copies of any of your old Mt. Victory photos to the MV history photo album and the MV History Archive Room in the library.

We’re especially looking for business exteriors & interiors, street scenes, special events, parades, trains, houses, churches, workers etc.

Let us know or email your photo to >
Include any info you have about the photo like date, event, who took the photo etc.


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