Park Renovation

Mount Victory Community Improvement Corp. FRIENDS OF THE PARK committee is helping with the effort to renovate & improve the Mount Victory Park in conjunction with the village. Please consider donating to this worthy effort by becoming a Friend of the Park – it is your park, please help! Every dollar counts and no donation is too small.

–Planning spring fundraising campaign enlisting volunteer and monetary help to fund and finish the Park Project.

–A swingset was added to the 6-12 year old section of the playground.

–The PreSchool area of the park was laid out last Fall and it will be finished this Spring. A swingset and two bouncy things, one an airplane and the other a train and slides, and two benches have been ordered for installation

–Scott’s of Marysville has donated all of the mulch needed for the entire playground. Thank you Scott’s!

–Trees in playground area have been assessed and some will be removed.  The wood from these failing trees will be used as balance platforms, tables, and seats in the playground design.

–Seeking clean fill dirt to be used as a hillside slide area.  A concrete tunnel to go under this hill has been donated. Contact CIC if you want to donate clean fill dirt

–Peggy Harrison of CIC is writing a Honda grant to help with playground expenses.

–Village is writing a grant to help cover cost of repairing Sportsman’s building.


Become a Friend of the Park