Military List

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Mount Victory Residents Serving in the Military/Armed Forces
Our thanks, thoughts and prayers go out to all listed here. This list is a little out of date so we’re working on making it current… stand by!

Mick Benson    
Mick is son of Dennis Benson of Mt Victory has been deployed to Iraq with the U S Marine Corp.

Terrence Brose
Terry was to return to Afganistan but ended up back in Iraq.  A week after his return to Iraq his best friend was killed in action in Iraq.  One week after this another member of Terry’s unit was killed.  As you might imagine, this is a difficult time for Terry.  His parents convey their appreciation to anyone who would like to send Terry a card – that would be great.  His new address is:
SPC Brose, Terence A.
FFC 2-327 INF 1st BCT  101st ABN (ASSALT)
FOB  Brassfield-Mora
APO  AE  09393
Terry’s wife and son are back in Ohio.

Kyle Dawson
Kyle is at home in Mt Victory with his wife Tabitha and daughter Mckeeyna.  He will be getting a medical discharge within the next several weeks.  Kyle is getting around good.

Matt Dawson
Matt is brother of Kyle Dawson, as noted above. He is still in the active Marine Reserves where he is an equipment operator.  His current rank is PFC and may be deployed within the next several months.  He is currently living in Forest Ohio.

Jeremy France
Jeremy is back in the states and stationed at Colorado Springs, Colorado with the Air Force.  His current rank is Sgt.  He will deploy every twelve to eighteen months depending on the need for training in Iraq.

John Gale
John is back in Germany from Iraq.  It is unknown if he will be returning to Iraq. John’s address is:  Sgt. John Gale   B Co. 9th EN Task Force 1-26  APO  AE 09390-1538.

Sam Galyk
Sam is still serving in Iraq and his family in still at Fort Campbell Kentucky.  Sam is with the 101st Airborne Division ( Air Assault ) and has made the Army a career.  His current rank is Lieutenant.

Amy Gibson
Amy served a year in Iraq. She is now a Sergeant in the Army and lives in Delaware, Ohio.

Rebbekah Gillfillan
Rebbekah is through basic training and believed to be stationed in Virginia.

Vincant Gillfillan
Vincant is back in the states as an active reserve with the National Guard.  Is currently going to college at Rhodes State in Lima Ohio.

Chrissy Griffith
Chrissy is in the U S Navy and is stationed in California.  She is the granddaughter of Dorothea Rogers of Ridgeway.

Dustin Heilman
Dustin is son of the late Lewis Heilman Jr. and Darlene Le Van.  He is stationed in Iraq with the 101st and his address is:  Sgt Heilman, Dustin   D Co. 2-502 IN  2BCT  101st ABN DIV  (AASLT)   APO  AE  09398.

Drew Jackson
Drew is home now with his family.

Noelle Kelly
Noelle is daughter of Bob Kelly of Ridgeway is in the Air Force.  Do not know where she is stationed.

Charles Legge
Charlie is now back in Iraq and has been there for a few months.

Jeremy Parthemore
Jeremy is currently a Staff Sgt in the Air Force and stationed in New Mexico.

Christina Parks
Christina is living in Mt Victory and working at Honda but is still reserve status with the Coast Guard.

Adam Ramge
Adam is son of Brent Ramge of Mt Victory is not back at home working & planning to go back to school.

Paul L. Scott
Paul is a SGT. in the Air Force stationed at Mt Home Air Force Base in Idaho with the 366th EMA.  Paul is the son of  Luke and Lisa Mercer of Kenton and is a 1999 graduate of Ridgemont High School.  Paul enlisted October, 2002.

David Wagner
David is Joan Elliott Wagner’s son and is in Kosovo.

Ryan M. VanBuskirk
Ryan is a SGT. in the Air Force stationed at Mt Home Air Force Base in Idaho with the 366th EMS.  Ryan is the son of Mark and Lori Van Buskirk of Kenton and is a graduate of Ridgemont High School class of 2000.  Ryan enlisted in October, 2002 and his wife’s name if Amber.