Innovation & Education

Ridgemont Local School’s mission statement is In DESIGNING THE FUTURE, Ridgemont Local Schools create partnerships with families and community which broaden minds to learn and serve through collaboration, innovation, and rigorous academics for life’s learning journey.

The school campus features new innovation design and curriculum that emphasizes interaction, collaboration, service learning and project-based, hands-on instruction. Traditional libraries found in schools built for previous generations don’t necessarily fit the needs of modern students. So the Ridgemont School, a preK-12 facility features a central campus area dubbed the book lounge, offering some of the reading material expected in a library, but it also provides students with a café, a shop and other spaces designed to encourage socializing and more informal avenues of learning. The building has four extended learning areas to provide functions traditionally found in a library. One will serve grades 1 to 3, and another will serve grades 4 to 6. At the secondary level, students will have two extended learning areas: one focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and the other focused on language arts.

“All of this has been driven by the educators… We came up with concepts to match their vision.” says Todd Thackery, an architect and vice president of SHP Leading Design, which has designed the Ridgemont School.