Old Order Amish

Old Order Amish


Old Order Amish around Mount Victory and within Hardin County
Take a slow driving tour through Hardin County’s beautiful countryside and discovering the many handcrafted homemade products offered by the Old Order Amish Community. Taking a leisurely drive through the back roads of Hardin County is a great way to fully appreciate the lifestyle of our Old Order Amish Hardin County residents.

Some of the Amish families sell fresh country eggs, candy, bread and hand-crafted quilts and furniture. Stopping to purchase their goods is a nice way to exchange a few pleasantries with folks whose lives are built around a pious love of God and compassion for their fellow men and women. Traveling through the Hardin County Amish Country community puts visitors in a simpler state of mind. And if you ask our Amish brethren, they’ll tell you simplicity is one of the greatest gifts of all.

Amish Country is generally located between routes 309 and 31, Southeast of Kenton and North of Mt. Victory.


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