New Business in MV – Old Tin Cup Antiques and Home Decor

New Business in MV – Old Tin Cup Antiques and Home Decor

The Old Tin Cup Antiques and Home Decor offers something to just about every interest as it opened recently in Mount Victory. The new owners, Jeff and Shawn Detwiler, think their shop is unique and will be a destination for antiquers throughout the area.

The couple owned and operated an antique business in Waldo, which they closed, said Jeff. They had loyal customers, but most people come to the village to eat bologna sandwiches at the local restaurant, which is closed on Sundays. He and Shawn wanted to find a location which featured other shops to bring more customers through their door. They were drawn to Mount Victory and its established antique businesses.

After purchasing the property, the old building got a major facelift, said Jeff. The store features Edison Billiard tables and Amish furniture made locally which include bar tables and chairs made from tree stumps and limbs.

The second floor’s southern room serves as Jeff’s workshop. He also makes furniture, but his creations started out being used for other purposes. For example, there is a table made from an old barn door. “I like to take things and repurpose them,” he explained.

He also works on restoring antique cars and hot rods. Jeff has installed a replica old gas pump as a part of the front of the store at Old Tin Cup. He plans to have unique cars parked nearby to draw attention of passing motorists. The cars also may be on display inside the shop, said Jeff. A new garage door was installed to be used to bring in the cars or, as is on display now, a carriage. In hot summer months, the door can be opened to allow customers access to the building. Five local dealers will feature their antique merchandise in that same room.

Horse stalls were built by the Amish carpenters for the displays. The Amish play a big part of the offerings at the Old Tin Cup. There are handmade rugs crafted by the Amish. On weekends, Amish baked goods will be available.

His daughter, Sarah, makes handmade signs, which are sold there, along with floral arrangements made by Shawn. Local artist Pat Gamby’s popular prints will be sold and are on display throughout the store. And there are old tin cups available, including a huge cup slated to be on display above the front entrance. The first customers through the door at the opening Saturday will be given souvenir tin cups.

The entrance to the shop is destined to be popular with husbands who have made the trip to the Mount Victory shops. It features an old ice cream counter, complete with stools and a working Coke machine. “We are going to install a flat-screen TV and make this a sitting area for the men. They can get a cold bottle of Coke, eat some chips or popcorn and watch NASCAR or Ohio State football while their wives shop,” said Jeff.

There is even a refurbished shopkeeper’s quarters upstairs where the couple can relax after a long day in the store, said Jeff. The renovation has been a lot of work, said Jeff. Windows have been replaced, ceilings removed and refurbished and floors cleaned to prepare for the new business.

Regular hours will have the shop opening at 10 a.m. daily and closing at 5 p.m. or later. It is closed on Mondays. Jeff said there has been a lot of encouragement from the community with several people anxious to see the inside of the remodeled building. “It seems like everyone is really excited about seeing what is here,” he said.

Another one of their changes which will soon get the attention of southbound motorists on Ohio 31, will be the mural being designed by local artist Marilyn Reed. The artwork will depict an old mercantile store, which will depict the building’s beginnings in 1881. Blending the history of the store with the history of the community in a new environment is the goal of the Detwilers.

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Source: Kenton Times, by Dan Robinson

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