Authentic Charm
Mount Victory is a historic village in northwest Ohio established in 1851 where residents greet you with ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’. Old Order Amish buggies and wagons pass through town, farmers trade stories at the Plaza restaurant, homemakers watch kids play in the park, business owners greet each other in the bank and post office, kids hitch a ride with friends to a softball practice, volunteer firemen respond to their neighbor’s crisis – this is a snapshot of our village.

The village of Mount Victory has retained a good portion of its historic business block and although the merchants have changed, the town remains self sufficient, full of independent spirit, with friendly folks and helpful neighbors. Local Main Street businesses include antique shops, bank, hair stylist, metal fabrication, U.S. post office, pizza shop, convenience drive thru, thrift store, and feed grain mill that can be seen from miles away. The village also includes a memorial park and village park, 2 churches, library and new elementary & high school. Mount Victory also is home to The Plaza Inn Restaurant renowned for its homecooking and homemade desserts.

Antiques & Crafts Shops
Mount Victory has a gained a reputation as an off-the beaten-path destination for antique & craft shopping with over 14 unique shops and 40 dealers – almost all are within a gentle 5 minute walk.

The Town
“Victory, Victory — We shall name the town Mount Victory!”
exclaimed Thomas McCall when he learned Ezra Dille had won the bid on the land sale against a competitor. Like other towns in Ohio, Mount Victory started out as a rough and tumble place built by the lumber industry, mills, the railroad, saloons, blacksmiths and many village merchants.

Mount Victory was established in 1851 and the plat map was laid out in a traditional neighborhood pattern which is the pedestrian friendly grid pattern with convenient service alleys and community ‘nodes’ every quarter mile east to west. In Mount Victory those nodes including the town park, the Main Street business block and Ridgemont Elementary. That’s what makes MV a pedestrian friendly village – because it was platted that way over 150 years ago!

Mount Victory is listed on the National Register of History Places. 

VILLAGE PARK PLAYGROUND INSTALLED & READY FOR PLAY! The new park playground has been in the planning for several years and is finally installed and ready for kids! The new playground is state of the art equipment that is designed to be durable and able to...

Ryan, Tara and Rylen Phillips are the owners of Mount Victory’s newest business, New Generation Antiques. The shop is located at 122 S. Main Street and features primitive antiques, collectibles, Fenton glassware, furniture and other items. The business is open from 11am to 6pm Thursday...